Does ChatGPT have feelings?

Gonzalo Espinoza Graham
1 min readJan 15, 2023

Not an hour goes by without hearing about a new ChatGPT powered productivity hack, so I thought I’d instead look where no one else seems to be looking. Does ChatGPT have feelings?

Everyone knows computers don’t have feelings, but for this experiment I attempted to run ChatGPT through 2 different personality tests: the big five personality test and the 16 personalities test (the latter is my fav)

These tests ask questions about how you describe yourself, whether you identify yourself or not with a given statement, and whether you feel a given word describes you or not. This is by no means the equivalent of a Turin test, we are not testing its intelligence, rather its ability to simulate a personality with some consistency.

In the video below (I know it’s long, I’m new to the YouTube game) you’ll see as I stumble my way through making GPT take the test. There’s lots of prompt ‘engineering’ as well as implementing new AI tools like Double to work around ChatGPT’s maximum request caps.

Hope you find this insightful.